Locks. How to make the right choice?

The front door and lock that closes it are the main obstacles on burglar’s way. If one of these constituents fails, your possessions immediately become an easy prey for a criminal. To be able to choose a dependable lock you have to know some basics. Here we’ll try to name everything that matters when you choose a door lock.

The main indicator of safety

The first and the most significant feature of the front door bolt is its grade of safety. There are three of them:

  • Grade 1. These are the strongest and may be installed in both office and residential buildings. Such locks are hardwearing and rather long lasting.
  • Grade 2. This type of bolts may effectively be applied in residential buildings. Nevertheless, they are not strong enough for commercial needs.
  • Grade 3. Such locks have the lowest standard of safety. Therefore, they cannot keep your house safe. Hence, any trustworthy locksmith will suggest you to change it.

The higher is the safety grade, the more you have to pay for the bolt. Anyway, once you spend money on a reliable lock, you may be confident about the security of your possessions.

What to choose?

The history of locks is very long and due to years of their usage, we can now differentiate the most dependable among the wide range of offers available on the market.

  • They may have one or two cylinders. Of course, the latter tends to be more reliable but it may be not convenient to use due to lack of the possibility to open it from the inside without the key.
  • Doorknobs cannot reliably protect your home. However, their combination with mortise lock or a deadbolt is believed to be very dependable.
  • Smart locks can be opened even distantly with the help of Wi-Fi or your smartphone’s Bluetooth. It is the newest development in the area. There are special phone tools that help to run your lock from any place where there is an internet and cell connection.

What other options to consider?

Deadbolt needs some proper hardware to become a real problem for the burglar. High-quality hardware increases your security tenfold. Here are some advice you should follow to increase the dependability of the door:

  • Install strike boxes made of heavy-duty metal.
  • You’d better use 3-inch screws to fix the strike plate. The longer they are, the harder it is to knock out the door.
  • The hinges should also be strengthened with 3-inch screws.
  • Put door jammers and latches to increase the burglarproof qualities of the door.

You also shouldn’t forget about the quality of the doors. Even a top-quality lock won’t save you if the quality of the door is poor.

The variety of options is huge, so you may need help of the pro to pick the lock that will best satisfy your needs and wishes. Good luck!