How to Repair a Lock

Today there are many varieties of locking mechanisms for entrance and interior doors. Some of them cannot be repaired in case of breakage, so it is very important to determine the type of lock.

For entrance doors made of metal or wood, the following locking device options are used:

  • cylindrical;
  • lever;
  • disk;
  • cross-shaped.
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Door locks for entrance doors differ in the elements, by means of which the locking takes place. Cylindrical locks have a secret lock. This is a central mechanism, which is also called a latch. Lock and disk plates are also used for blocking the entrance door and are the active parts of the devices of the same name. Cross mechanisms are very rarely used on entrance doors. This is due to the fact that they are quite easy to break into. This material is produced by Locksmith Langley Service in Langley.

The characteristics of the locking mechanisms have an impact on the service life of the products. All such devices are classified according to the method of installation into mortise and overhead. To fix the product belonging to the second group, as a rule, is more difficult.

Specialists don’t recommend to begin repairing the lock if you don’t have some knowledge in this area. Incompetent actions can lead to aggravation of the problem.

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Repair of door locks: the most probable causes of breakage

There are a number of certain malfunctions that occur more often than others. Before starting repair work, it is necessary to determine the cause of the malfunction. Therefore, it is recommended to study the list of the most common problems.

Most often, the breakdown of the door locking mechanism occurs due to jamming of the bolts. As a result, they stop moving. Immediately it is worth noting that there are several reasons for the appearance of such a malfunction. Some malfunctions cannot be solved independently. In the most critical situation, a complete replacement of the lock in the door may be required. Repair of the mechanism should be carried out with due regard for certain instructions.

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Quite often the bolts are jammed in the case when the door does not slam all the way. As a result, the misalignment affects the tongue that rests against the bar that is located on the frame. To fix this problem, you need to make a fairly simple manipulation. It will be necessary to increase the mating hole. To do this, you can use a regular file.

Difficulty in opening or closing the door is also a common problem. Such a malfunction can also be corrected with your own hands. The lock in this case does not function properly due to the presence of a warp, and there may also be a problem with the leaf itself, sagging on the hinges. To fix the door lock in such a situation is not difficult. You just need to remove the distortion of the mechanism or the leaf.